SEA North Long Beach Participates in AIDS Walk

SEA North Long Beach Participates in AIDS Walk

Aids Walk

SEAs’ North Long Beach students are working together to support AIDS research.
On Sunday, June 2, students and teaching staff from the North Long Beach site participated in the annual 5 kilometer AIDS Walk in Long Beach.   The walk, which has become an annual tradition at the school site, helps to raise funds for AIDS research.
Students and staff met at 9:30 at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, and then walked 5 kilometers around Shoreline Village.  Joining North Long Beach’s students were SEA teachers John Deppe and Eric Dunne, Assistant Principal Tanya Esqueda, and Programs Coordinator Nguyet Galaz.
Additionally, on May 25, North Long Beach students participated in a carwash to raise money for the AIDS Foundation. Together, they raised $450.00. This adds to a grand total of over $2000 raised over the past four years!  AIDS Foundation president Gary Bowie has identified SEA North Long Beach’s students as “Community Heroes” and honored each student with a Heroes Club shirt.
We applaud North Long Beach’s efforts to support such a worthy cause.

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