Students Grow Lettuce Using Hydroponics

Students Grow Lettuce Using Hydroponics

07-Jun-2013 Students at SEA’s East Los Angeles site are learning science firsthand!
Several months ago, East L.A. students and staff set up a hydroponics system at the site, to grow lettuce. Hydroponics uses a system of tubes to carefully water and nurture plant seedlings.   Now, thanks to everyone’s hard work, the lettuce seedlings have sprouted.  And because of the space-saving efficiency of hydroponics, the students have grown almost a half acre’s worth of lettuce in just a few square feet!
Teacher Sabina Glover led the project.   She has integrated lessons on plant growth and biology into her science curriculum.  Furthermore, now that the lettuce is fully grown, students will be able to sell the produce to a local farmer’s market, which will give them first-hand business experience.
We are excited for the success of the hydroponics project, and look forward to continued growth!


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